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Welcome to my links page for 1/6 scale historical action figures. Try some of the links below. Who knows - maybe you'll see something you like (I hope). Oh! And if you run across any dead links here or if you have a site you'd like to recommend or comment on (good or bad), please e-mail me and let me know. Please don't recommend "general figure dealer" sites, as I have a freeze on adding new ones. The field has become saturated, so I'm just listing "the old, reliables".

I just list the basics, but I won't include a vendor who I wouldn't recommend. Most of these are proven, reliable sources. If you have any particularly unsavory experience with any of the sources listed, please let me know the details. I don't want to be sending anyone down a dangerous alley.

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This California-based retailer carries the hobby staples and has developed a good reputation for their dealings in loose parts. Good customer service.

  • Lines: Dragon, Sideshow, and others.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: Under a week, depending on service chosen.

They specialize in loose parts from Dragon and DiD. Their stock is fairly impressive and the interface is easy to use and they have a shopping cart. They also carry a number of interesting custom lines. I've had good service from them.

  • Lines: Dragon, DiD, NewLine, BattleGear Toys and various other custom lines.
  • Average Experienced Order Time: 2-4 days.

While their focus is on modern (and they are one of the best in that area), they have an interesting assortment of WW2 loose parts. Much of it is BBi, making them a good resource for some of the better mainstream 1/6th gear made. Shipping is pretty quick.
  • Lines: Dragon and others.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: Within a week.

The direct sales outlet for Dragon Models. This is where you go to purchase exclusives. Their J-Zone section deals with some non-Dragon items from Japan. Note: shipping from Hong Kong can be quite high. Typically exclusives have run $20 shipping to the US.

  • Lines: Dragon, et al.
  • Average Experienced Order Time: Varies. Weeks. Months.

This outfit carries a wide variety of low-production custom items - most notably 1/6th vehicles - as well as some of the mainstream brands. A number of other useful and interesting sources are on their site, including articles and photo galleries.

  • Lines: Dragon, Cotswold, Brian Vota Customs, Armoury, and others.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: No data.

These folks have a fantastic selection of goods - one of the most diverse dealers I've seen. The downside is that they can get a little hefty on shipping, using UPS and Fed-X as defaults which cost more and take longer than USPS Priority. Their website is attractive, though a bit slow and awkwardly constructed with redundant menus.
  • Lines: Dragon, Concord Books, 21st Century, 3 Zero, Hot Toys, Blue Box, Dog Soldiers, Cotswold, Firebase Ryan, Action Man, ERTL, InToyz, John's Stuff, Medicom, Yellow Submarine, G.I. Joe, Patch Hut, and lots more!
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: About a week.

While they're mostly a hobby dealer, this Tokyo-based dealer has an outrageously extensive stock and carry a variety of 1/6th lines. It's worth checking here first for anything made in Japan.
  • Lines: Marmit, Azone, Volks, Takara, Medicom, Yellow Sub, and many others.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: Varies. I've had them take two weeks, and almost eight. 3-4 weeks is about average.

Keith Justice sells not only boxed and carded figures and vehicles, but also loose Dragon parts from sets. His wife Dot has a similar site, though she carries Action Man, and G.I. Joe parts, as well. In general, Keith's stock of Dragon parts is far more complete than Dot's, though his minimum order before applying an additional handling charge is higher. Both services are immensely useful in diversifying your figures! Keith also carries some of the hard to find exclusive Dragon figures. Site includes online ordering.
  • Lines: Dragon and others.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: 3-6 days

Monkey Depot carries a wide variety of 1/6th product lines, including the works of many small customizers. They're a good source for loose parts from recent releases. Turn around time has been very good and they have a choice of reasonable shipping options. They also have occsaional very nice product previews, w/ plenty of pics.
  • Lines: Dragon, Sideshow, DiD, BattleGear, NewLine, Dusty Trails, Armory/Twisting Toys, and many others.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: 2-6 days.

OJI, as you might guess, began as specialistis in replacement parts for classic Joes. But today they offer some original goods up to Dragon/BBi standards, as well as a selection of loose part. All orders have a $0.75 "handling" fee applied.
  • Lines: OJI-Original, Dragon, Hot Toys, Sideshow, Armoury.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: About five days, which is a little disappointing given Priority Mail and an extra handling fee.


A Canada-based outfit that offers services very much like Justice Fighters, although they are exclusively focused on Dragon. They have loose figures, as well as the standard retail items.
  • Lines: Just Dragon, for now, but plans to expand.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed:About 1-2 weeks (Canada to the States).

These guys are unique in the bunch, as they just carry Dragon figures. Their prices are quite good - certainly among the best you'll find. They now have a Safeshopper site and can accept credit cards, making ordering much easier.
  • Lines: Just Dragon.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: About a week (this was back when they did check-only).

If you're looking for a small vedor dedicated to good, personal service, give these folks a try. They carry many of the usual and a few of the unusual lines. They also carry Cyber-Hobby products when they can and carry a few lines of reference books.
  • Lines: Dragon, DiD, Ignite, Armory, In the Past, Whitty Wings, Dustry Trails, Sideshow, and more.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: I'll let ya know when I find out..

This New Jersey-based outfit carries both all the popular military figure brands (Dragon & DiD) as well as an excellent variety of after-market accessory makers, like Authentic Hobbies, BattleGear Toys, NewLine Miniatures, The Armory, OneSixthUnique, and others. They also offer a good selection of Dragon loose parts.
  • Lines: Dragon, DiD, Authentic Hobbies, NewLine Miniatures, OneSixthUnique, The Armoury, BattelGear Toys, Factory No.6, et al.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: 3-4 days.

This Canadian-based outfit seems to have some direct connection to Hot Toys. The HT line is their primary product and they have a fantastic selection of HT loose items. If you're an HT junkie, this place is hard to beat. In addition they carry Dragon, Blue Box, Armoury, Sideshow, and a host of others. The site design is attractive and easy to use, but may require a bit of load time.
  • Lines: Hot Toys, Dragon, BBi, Sideshow, Armoury, and more.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: 1-2 weeks. Shipping is higher than US domestic vendors.

This is a slick-looking site, but slow to load ona dial-up connection. They claim to specialize " in highly sought after toys and collectibles from around the world". From what I've seen they make good on the claim, offering HK/Internet exclusive Dragon figures and hard to find uniforms from companies like Hot Toys. Online ordering system, accepting most major plastics.
  • Lines: Dragon, 21st Century, Toys McCoy, Hot Toys, and many others such as McFarlane, Bandai, and Moore.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: About a week, coast to coast. That's very good, given UPS service.

This dealer carries several of the main lines that 1/6th figure collectors are looking for. In addition they carry some customizer bits from outfits like Poppo Toys and an extensive line of Dragon loose parts. The site design is a bit unpolished, but it does feature online ordering with a shopping cart.
  • Lines: ThreeZero, Blue Box, Dragon, Sideshow, Yellow Submarine, and Poppo.
  • Average Experienced Order Speed: 2-5 days.


    My buddy, Bean, is a heck of a craftsman. His custom works have always gone way above and beyond expectations. He's now mass-producing some of his items for sale. He tends to focus on WW2 U.S. stuff. His first offering is a vehicle radio set. Stop by and see what Bean's up to. It's always a pleasant surprise.
    This is my own contribution to the customizing market. A cooperative venture with figure customizer extraordinaire Don Winar, we make uniform and helmet insignia for a variety of WW2 subjects. The patches are printed on cloth and the decals are waterslide. We sell these exclusively through The Toy Cellar.
    While not historical military, Chris Chulamanis makes a complete line of BDUs and equipment for outfitting your figure as a Colonial Marine from the movie "Aliens". The weapons and equipment are high quality resin castings that require painting and assembly. The detail is astounding. He also makes a detail set for the Dragon Apollo astronaut figures. On top of that, Chris is a real swell guy.
    A supplier of scale musical instruments, as well some swords and other archaic weapons. Great extras for detailing out a diorama or kitbash with character.
    They have an expanding variety of products, though the core of their product line are resin replacement heads for Dragon figures. These heads are exceptional in both materials and sculpt quality. So far all the heads have been of action film
    celeb subjects.
    1/6th scale magazines, pulps, and comic books from various periods - in particular, the 40's. Also includes an area with German WW2 publications and papers. Neat stuff! Great accessories to help your lil' figures kill some time in their fox holes!
    One of the better known craftman in the hobby, Major Midnight has made a reputation for himself by creating some outstanding 1/6th vehicles. While others are content to use lawn mower wheels and rubber tank tracks, MM goes the extra mile to make things accurate. But quality doesn't come cheap - his vehicle prices start in the high hundreds with most going into the thousands. These are all, essentially, custom made. He also offers other products, like heads, uniforms, custom figures, and diorama accessories.
    NewLine is best known for their amazing 1/6th scale boots for WW2 subjects. Made from real leather, these feature everything seen in a real shoe including laces, scale grommets, functioning tongues, and molded soles with full detail. They also carry other items, like straps, slings,belts, and more. Fine quality.
    Looking for REAL scale cloth British berets? This is the place. Fine work providing improved appearances and more flexibility (such as being able to put headphones on a bereted figure). They also have a line of German hats: crushers, M43s and the like.
    While their focus is on 1/6th vehicles and parts (a job they do to high standards!), they also carry some limited figure accessory bits such as resin food and diorama display bases. Their resin and casting quality is quite high and there's some top-notch talent building their masters.
    A source for beautiful little 1/6 scale embroidered patches! Most of it centers on US subjects, though there's some useful WW2 German and Brit stuff in the mix. They can even do custom bomber jacket art stitched directly on the clothing!
    Not only do these guys make super sharp patches (mostly US WW2), but they carry lots more. Items include bangalor torpedos, Kettenkrad decal sets, medic accessories, "battle bread", and other stuff too numerous to list. Their stuff is a little on the pricey side and sometimes their accuracy is questionable, but the component quality is very good.
    While this company does not sell military figure goods (they sell materials for scale horses), they are an outstanding source for scale leather straps and buckles of assorted sizes. If you're into accurizing your figures, you MUST bookmark this site! Look under their "Leather Lace" listing for great raw material for slings and straps.



    A nice site for news, pics, special events, and discussions of all things one-sixth. As you may gather from the name, there's a G.I.Joe slant, but collectors of all types of 1/6th figures will find something of interest there.
    The goal of this forum is to play to the needs of the advanced military figure customizer. There's also a heavy emphasis on 1/6th vehicles. It's not a forum for "collectors". To promote this focus, simple kitbashes and less ambitious figure projects are not permitted. "Custom" is the operative word. Heavy WW2 focus, but open to all eras.
    Hop over to the other side of the pond and chat with with Britain's 1/6th community. Especially good if you're into British figure subjects.
    After only a few years this site has grown into one of the most robust communities for discussion of general military 1/6th topics. The graphic design is quite striking - it's a very sophisticated site.
    A US-based WW2 figure community emphasizing customizing and touching on both men and machines. Well run and full featured, in an excellent daily stop for the WW2 figure modeler/collector.
    This site specializes in the WW2 part of the hobby. It includes many resources, like references and trading areas. The traffic is high, so the signal to noise ratio can be low much of the time.
    Another British 1/6th community, they have a lively forum, its members attend shows, have a regular newsletter, run an annual charity drive and even produced a Club Exclusive Figure!
    The site this forum's attached to is frequently updated and focuses mostly on the product lines offered by 21st Century Toys: Ultimate Soldier and America's Finest. This forum is lively, friendly community of figure collectors.



    Updated sporadically. Covers the Ultimate Soldier and America's Finest lines, among others. Includes details on their 1/6 vehicle line. It's a flashy, but slightly annoying site design.

    Another figure company from Hong Kong, Blue Box toys figures focus mostly on a variety of contemporary and WW2 subjects. They are particularly good with aviator subjects. Their prices are competitive and their equipment and weapons are usually top notch.

    As I understand it, Cotswold was the only major 1/6 fix during the period where G.I.Joe shrunk to half his size glorious 12" size. Their Elite Brigade line features a great variety of subjects - much of it WW2. They even have a cool (but pricey) line of 1/6 medieval armor. I've never seen one of their figures in the flesh, but I hear the quality doesn't hold up to Dragon or even 21st Century. In addition to figures, they also have a wide variety of equipment and accessories. They run monthly specials on their website.

  • DiD (Dragon in Dream)
    Not related to Dragon (DML) at all, this is another Chinese figure manufacturer and relative newcomer. Since their start their quality has rapidly improved, putting them in the same quality category as BBi and DML.
    These are the guys whole solidly got me into this hobby. Site is updated several times a week and worth checking regularly. Includes many detail shots of each figure and their accessories, both available and upcoming.
    This Japanese manufacturer makes a great variety of figures, including the cool,super-deformed Kubrick line! In military circles they're best known for their Cro-Magnon series of modern anti-terrorist unit figures. Reviews have given them higher marks than Dragon for accuracy and equipment detail.
    Pushing 1/6th figure standards with a leaning towards U.S. sensibilities and tastes, Sideshow is providing useful competition to the established names in the field. Their product line is varied, covering WW1, U.S. Civil War, The Old West, Classic Monsters, and more.
    One of the new kids on the block, relatively speaking, Twisting Toys puts out an excellent line of carded weapons sets and WW2 figures (starting with Italians). Their quality and detail is easily up to the standards of the big names in the field.


    Francis Tavares' excellent collection of WW2 figure photos showcases his talents as one of the premier military customizers. His ambitious photo shoots include custom uniform and vehicles. One of the best WW2 figure galleries I know of - some truly excellent work. The accompanying text is very useful to other customizers.

    This is where I got my Internet start in the hobby. Unfortunately Jim has moved onto new hobby's, but some great links to customizers and custom projects remain! Also a good place for analyisis and custom works of female figures.
  • SIXTY DRIVER'S 1/6th
    An impressive figure customizer, Sixty Driver's site is both a showcase for his work as well as providing some outstanding how-to articles on basic techniques. If you're a WW2 enthusiast, his work is not to be missed!


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